Namibia School Holidays

Namibian schools follow a 3 term structure per year starting each year in January. 2020 school calendar is as follows:

Term School Calendar for Learners School Days
First Term 2020
First school day
Public Holiday – Good Friday
Public Holiday – Easter Monday
Last school day
Wednesday, 15 January
Friday, 10 April
Monday, 13 April
Friday, 17 April
Second Term 2020
First school day
Public Holiday – Ascension Day
School Holiday
Public Holiday – Africa Day
Day of the African Child
Last school day
Wednesday, 13 May
Thursday, 21 May
Friday, 22 May
Monday, 25 May
Tuesday, 16 June
Friday, 14 August
Third Term 2020
First school day
Day of the Namibian Child
School Holiday – International Teacher’s Day
Last school day
Wednesday, 02 September
Monday, 28 September
Monday, 05 October
Friday, 04 December
Total School Days for 2020 198
First Term 2021
First school day *Provisional
Wednesday, 13 January 2021

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